Nags and Nudges

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything for a number of reasons. I’ve been back out there travelling and meeting people in Canada (where I’ll be for the next 2 years), which makes it difficult to stick to creative routines when you’re constantly stimulated by SHINY NEW PEOPLE and SHINY NEWContinue reading “Nags and Nudges”

Things I’m learning about grief

Grief tricks you into thinking is that everyone will feel the same way as you do, for the same amount of time, naturally, because – how could they not? Grief puts a little pin in your rational, adult mind and invites all of your naiveté to centre stage. You lose some of your previous ability to consider everyone else around you as individual humans. Grief puts a suffocating film over your life, skewing your vision, making you feel as if everyone is experiencing the exact same thing as you, when this is not true. And this hurts.

Choosing depth over width

What if you threw yourself into everything you did, from waking up in the morning to the big events in life? What if you absorbed every fraction of every moment so richly that you didn’t actually feel that nagging need for more? 


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Launched in 2015, I use this space to write about books I’ve read, films I’ve watched recently, or generally anything that’s on my mind. I hope you enjoy reading and can take something away from it.

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