Befriending the Silence

I’ve tried everything to keep my brain in check to undo old patterns, and I’ve had a very complicated relationship with self-sabotage which has been keeping me stuck in many ways for too long. But hearing Lucia’s words about her [Vipassana] experience and what she took away from it really shifted something for me.

Sympathetic Joy

How does sympathy connect with joy? It’s the same gesture of holding space on behalf of somebody else, but in the context of kindness.

The Power of Choice

The world really is tiny, relatively speaking. Yesterday I had an Aussie friend I met in Banff a couple of months ago come for dinner and we spent the day together – all the way from Melbourne, via North America, Iceland and now to my tiny home village in Lancashire, northern England (it’s not even…

Nags and Nudges

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything for a number of reasons. I’ve been back out there travelling and meeting people in Canada (where I’ll be for the next 2 years), which makes it difficult to stick to creative routines when you’re constantly stimulated by SHINY NEW PEOPLE and SHINY NEW…


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Launched in 2015, I use this space to write about books I’ve read, films I’ve watched recently, or generally anything that’s on my mind. I hope you enjoy reading and can take something away from it.

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