And so the world has taken no steps forward and fifty steps back.

Just when you thought the world couldn’t be more divided by hate, Mr. Donald Trump becomes elected the President of the United States of America. Waking up this morning, I could have laughed or cried, but I simply just stared at the phone screen in shock.

Generally, I try to have faith in people because otherwise what is the point? I try to believe that people are good, and for the most part, they are. But on a level, by trying to be optimistic in thinking that, I’m being totally and utterly blinded by naivete because the world is rapidly being swallowed up by evil. I may not be a US citizen, but especially as the daughter of an immigrant and as a woman, America’s decision resonates even more deeply with me, in some of the worst ways.

And here comes the sh*tstorm of rhetorical questions, because it is simply impossible to comprehend or even collect thoughts after the result of one of America’s most heartbreaking decisions in history:

How can a country of 318.9 million people come to the decision that they want a racist, inexperienced, hypocritical, sexist bigot to become the leader of their country?

How can women have been partly responsible for electing a man who has sexually assaulted victims of their own gender? Who thinks it’s absolutely fine to grab [women] by the p*ssy?

How can this guy be even considered when he says he would definitely ‘date’ his own daughter, if they weren’t blood-related?

How can a guy who believes China has staged global warming be taken seriously as a leader?

How can a guy who has gone bankrupt four (maybe even more) times be responsible for one of the world’s largest economies?

How can someone who wants to ultimately exile all immigrants be praised for that?

How can a person who openly wants to ban the world’s largest religious group of 1.6 billion people from entering America because of his own xenophobic opinions be allowed to run a country?

How can someone believe that only heterosexual people have the right to love and express their love? How can he squash the minorities because he simply doesn’t think they’re proper?

Moreover, how could the world have been so duped and brainwashed that this monster is fit to run one of the most influential, and now one of the most frightening, countries on this planet?

The world feels like a heavier place. Hate, division and a lack of understanding, empathy and general humanity has consumed the planet whole. People are driven by greed, lust and indifference and it’s tearing the world apart. The kind, the wholesome and the good are seemingly now outnumbered by a race of individuals that I don’t even consider as human anymore. Women, immigrants and minorities are living in fear, and living in the fear and violence, simply because they are different, and that is one of the most upsetting things I have come to learn about the people living in this world.

America has failed, big time.


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