Jessica Day plays the lead in a comedy TV show New Girl and does a good job in providing some good old fashioned entertainment.

If you read my last post, you’ll know that New Girl has the potential to get weird, very weird. But that also doesn’t go to show that we learn a few good lessons here and there, oh no! The lead gal just seems to simplify everything that can seem like a whirlwind to process in ‘Real Life’. So, without further ado, and without any more banging on from myself, below are some moments when Jess Day really got it right about life. The nitty bits, the gritty bits and quite frankly the shitty bits, too:


Don’t ever be afraid to speak out about what you’re all about! (Yeah go on Al, say ‘about’ one more time). But yeah, do it, especially if it involves channelling your inner Sass Queen.


And don’t be afraid to tell someone otherwise and speak your voice if you feel that way. Pointy finger optional. Sassy head wobble obligatory.


Embrace the sweet curse of the pink wine every once in a while.

New Girl 9

Don’t forget that this is a perfectly good excuse to be sad.


Sometimes, just grab life by the balls. Just do it.


And accept that sometimes it may not work out. And…


… it’s completely OK to just go borderline insane once in a while.


And be utterly melodramatic to cope with life.


OK, I realise this post has rapidly dwindled and I will promptly turn this around.


There we go. Back on track.


A sense of humour is honestly your best attribute. If that fails, just memorise some knock-knock jokes. They’ll open that door. Ha ha. Oh God that was awful. I certainly wood-n’t tell that again. Oh just make it stop.


Some light sass is always your best weapon. Unless you’re in an interview. Speaking from experience, I wouldn’t try it.


NEVER FORGET YOUR FRIENDS – #Girlcode101. Also, quoting the Spice Girls is a completely viable way to justify yourself.


Life in a nutshell – if you f*ck up, just sort it out.

giphy (2)

Don’t worry about ‘love’ it is just not worth the time wasted with over-thinking. It will work out if it’s supposed to, if not, then leave it to the breeze. #JamesBae


And never waste time on not being who you are – it’s futile. You are the fundamental part of why you exist.


Well, this once more ended on an unexpectedly soppy note, but hey.

In the way of New Girl gifs, keep doing what you’re doing and have confidence in that fear and the odd panic here or there means you’re doing it* right!

*”it” being life. If you’re panicking about the Cheeky Girls making a comeback, then you’re doing it wrong.

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