Having had a terrifying nightmare last night, this has inspired me to rant about something that has been pressing on my mind a lot lately.

There are good things happening in the world, of course of course, we cannot forget this. But this is a rant, in which I am wholeheartedly going to fixate on the negative. Because this is necessary sometimes. How can we afford to be optimistic in such cataclysmic circumstances, in every corner of this stupid planet?

I dreamed that I was on a balcony in New York, and from a distance was admiring the beautiful skyline with a friend. The sun was a beautiful blaring orange and the buildings looked like silhouettes against the wonderful sunset. The matter of ISIS subconsciously was there, and as if on cue, that very view was destroyed by a nuclear bomb – grâce à ISIS themselves. We didn’t die in the dream, but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was that for some, this is their horrifying reality.

And so I head onto my next point. The world is officially tits up – as if it wasn’t bad enough, and as if you weren’t already aware. I’m so done with it.

Where do I start? I just don’t know.

We’re solidly in the 21st century, and still, we haven’t learned that KILLING each other still isn’t solving anything, still isn’t the way to banish conflict. We haven’t learned that CRUELTY doesn’t achieve anything, yet people still insist in its efficacy. People still believe that EVIL is the way to have a functional planet. And the worst bit? There’s absolutely nothing neither you nor I can do about it. You could give to charity, donate stuff etc. but will this immediately help anyone, realistically?

You could sit there and say “What’s the use in worrying? It won’t change anything.” “Don’t waste your time on something you can’t change.” “Why get sad, it’s still going to happen regardless.”

You’d have a very valid point.

But having this attitude makes you no better person.

I’m tired of the tragic things people are going through every day, the preposterous attitudes to ‘solving’ issues, the horrific things people are doing to each other, and to make matters worse is it’s only getting worse.

Poor people have suffered natural disasters, and manmade disasters alike. It’s just even more humiliating that we are able to cause such traumatic damage ourselves. Their homes and lives are now shredded pieces of rubble, precious people they will never meet again have disappeared within mere seconds. Callous terrorist attacks worldwide have destroyed nations and every single thing that lies within it. Innocent victims have to desperately flee their native countries, with their lives under constant threat and raw fear. And then there are actual, real people that have the NERVE to cast these people into the dark, because IMMIGRANTS ARE BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY? The absolute fucking nerve.

What is the difference between us all? The fundamental thing we all share is that we are HUMAN. And when you narrow it down to that, it’s sickening that we are continuing to slaughter each other the way we are. The world needs compassion, emotion, a huge dose of sympathy and kindness.

But I guess without it, the world will continue to spin anyway.

Well, I apologise if this was a bit dark for a Thursday afternoon but that’s our reality, sadly. We can’t carry on sugar-coating things and ignoring what’s happening in the world – and I’m looking at you, Social Media. But again that’s just how the world operates now. Here’s hoping that something will turn for the better, sooner rather than later.

*Rant Over*




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