If you’re like me and really get involved with TV shows, you won’t stop wishing that the (fictional) couples in them could just be real couples in real life. They have such undeniable chemistry on screen, why can’t they just be together for real?! All I’ll say is if you can’t tolerate heartbreak very well, I wouldn’t get too attached to the list below.

Here’s are some of my favourite TV couples. And before you ask, most of them didn’t work out in reality *insert broken heart emoji here*:

Derek and Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy)
You knew from the beginning they would end up together. There is no show without the most compatible relationship known to man, thanks to their 5* acting. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey portray a previously turbulent couple who after life-threatening traumas, huge losses and intervening other women survive through and through.


Nick and Jess (New Girl)

Or as I otherwise like to call them, ‘Jick’ or ‘Ness’. Jess’s adorable dorkiness is too much for Nick to resist, despite being a chronic grump. Their relationship builds until they finally FINALLY get together. After being thrown together in a flat, with two other rowdy boys, the banter and building sexual tension between them is too real. When they finally call it official in a huge burst of passion, it’s personally one of the best satisfactions I’ve got from a TV show yet! Long live Ness.


Jesse and Jane (Breaking Bad)

A truly heartbreaking plot twist, and absolutely savage way of ending it. Jesse and Jane had such an endearing romance, but it was cut all too short. And neither Jesse nor Jane had a choice. Walter White is an eternal bastard for this stunt.


Ygritte and Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

It’s difficult to sympathise with a relationship in a fantasy TV show, but there was nothing quite like Jon and Ygritte’s raw  playful passion. Born enemies, but of course they fell in love anyway. Ygritte’s fiery hair was just as fiery as her personality, and that fire I’m sure won’t leave Jon Snow anytime soon (assuming he’s still alive). I may have shed a tear when the most tragically beautiful couple were slowly torn apart forever. WHY GEORGE RR MARTIN.

giphy (1)

Phoebe and Mike (Friends)

Probably not the first couple that comes to mind when Friends is mentioned, but Phoebe and Mike I thought were a special couple. Phoebe always struggled to fit in completely, and Mike ultimately completed her. She was a quirky, bizarre yet hysterical character who didn’t change for anyone and thank God for that. Phoebe and Mike are the concrete proof (although it’s a TV show) that someone somewhere will love you for exactly who you are.


Amy and Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

I don’t think there has ever been such an organised couple in TV history and I absolutely love it. Though it takes a while for Sheldon to come out of his Shel (ha ha), it’s heart-warmingly adorable to see Amy’s reaction when he finally says the 3 words. Shamy 4 eva ❤


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