She’s been knocking around for a good while now and I remember back when her first video being ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking‘ became an online sensation overnight. It was sarcastic, dry, creative and hilarious and nothing has changed about her no-nonsense, yet colourful and wacky personality. Now a hugely successful YouTube star, Jenna Marbles just keeps on rising. She might be incredibly popular with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views across her channel, but what is best about Jenna is her character. She’s had an incredible journey and her career appears to only be improving, but enough of the stats and generic boring stuff which everyone’s heard, here’s why Jenna Mourey really deserves her recognition: –

She doesn’t need any fancy effects

Literally, all she had for her first huge video was a single, run of the mill webcam in her dinky front room. It goes to show how valuable your own personality is to be noticed, and that really is all you need – unless you’re just a dick.

She doesn’t hang up on any pretences

She’s quirky, hilarious, unique, kind yet isn’t afraid to say when something’s ‘fucked up’. And that’s good. She may enjoy the odd swear word or two but sometimes it’s necessary, chill. She isn’t afraid of anyone’s criticism which personally I think is hugely brave, especially with such an outrageously massive audience (and savage at times, might I add). She’s done a number of opinionated videos, including the classic relatable ‘People that piss me off at the gym‘ and ‘People that need to pipe the fuck down‘, and just a huge range which crack me up every time.

She is human

She isn’t afraid to show she has emotion too. In a raw and endearing video called ‘Draw My Life‘, she goes through her whole life so far, both the ups and the downs. It’s very philosophical and shows there’s far more to Jenna, of course, than just her fabulous false eye lashes and amazing abs. Watching the video showed me how much we have in common, and how weirdly similar we are: we both played the clarinet and the piano, both love animals wanted to be a vet and/or zookeeper when we were younger, both used to do dance and gymnastics, both have a shoebox full of memories of absolutely everything (though I’m sure loads of people do). I’m clasping at straws now, but still, how similar are we?! I feel we would get on extremely well. Cause I am also kind of crazy, enjoy being a general child and getting drunk.

She’s motivating

Ok. Have you seen her bod. On her separate vlog channel, she has a video detailing her exercise and diet which she received thousands of questions about. Her determination and personal discipline really is admiring, especially as she goes into how strict her vegan diet is and the effort she makes with her exercise regime. It’s not just her body which is motivating, but her success. She moved to LA from her home in Boston after her popularity began to soar, and her fame grew onwards. If coming from the dinky front room to where she lives now isn’t motivating, along with all her nominations, awards and achievements, then what is? Not to mention she also has a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology. (Yes, people save lives everyday, but that’s not why neither you nor I are here).

She has the cutest dogs!

Not biased. Not at all. Her name comes from her Maltese (I think) dog named Marbles, and Kermit and Peach, the Italian Greyhounds, complete the dog squad.

It’s easy for personalities to get lost over the internet with the amount of criticism there is, and she’s no stranger to the trolls of the world. But Jenna Mourey understands struggles of life. She’s remained down-to-earth and the fame hasn’t got to her head at all, and it’s hugely admiring to see she hasn’t changed a bit whilst entertaining millions everyday all over the world. Jenna’s a great gal, and actually a role model of mine. It’s absolutely awesome to be yourself, no matter how weird. Who cares what people think? Focus on yourself and forget toxic people and you will soar through life and do great things.


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