Not very well known, and probably completely forgotten about, but Ugly Betty actually taught us a lot more than the obvious.

Having recently rediscovered one of my favourite shows, I remember how much I used to love adorable little Betty. It was 2006 when it first aired and I was (wait, what’s 21 minus 9?) erm, about 12? No, surely not!

It’s the perfect programme to binge watch, but I wouldn’t label it trash TV as I’ve learned a good solid amount of lessons from Ugly Betty. Call it cringey, but here are the reasons why Ugly Betty, both the show and protagonist (flawless actress, might I add), should have had more recognition:

  • It shows us the importance of kindness.
  • How the material doesn’t actually matter.
  • How important it is to appreciate and love your family.
  • To not be afraid to be ambitious, especially as a woman.
  • That actually achieving your dream is a thing.
  • Remember you are ALWAYS good enough.
  • To value true friends – and actually do it.
  • Don’t waste your time on toxic relationships.
  • No matter how much you try with some people, they won’t change, but don’t let it slow you down.
  • Once someone has f*cked you over, don’t bother going back.
  • No matter how much you bicker with your siblings, remember you still love each other.
  • Everyone is beautiful.
  • Freebies are always a good thing.
  • Always have the extra slice of pizza.
  • And always drink champagne where possible.

I could go on. But yeah, this show is always a good decision. It has the romantic flings, the comedy elements, the easy watching, celebrity cameos and good old drama and if you’re not a fan, who even are you?!

Perfect for a cosy night in with a pizza or to spend an all-day hangover with. It’s both comforting and gives you a little perspective on some things in life; plus you can laugh at the outrageous trends of almost a decade ago. If you’re looking for something more masculine, may I suggest Homes Under the Hammer.

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